National Arms and Ammunition Collector’s Confederation South Africa

The National Arms and Ammunition Collectors Confederation of South Africa (NAACCSA) was formed in 2003 to represent and protect the interest of all stakeholders concerned with the bona fide collecting of Arms and Ammunition, and is also accredited under the Firearms Control Act (Act 60 of 2000).

The undertaking of NAACCSA, a self governing, autonomous and non-profit organisation is :

  • To promote the collection, research,  study, restoration, preservation and responsible recreational use of collectible arms and ammunition through the facilitation of sound relationships with all Stakeholders.
  • To promote the collecting, research ,  study, restoration and preservation of related artifacts.
  • To promote the appreciation and acceptance of such Collectors and Collecting amongst all Stakeholders, and to encourage responsible and ethical behaviour of its members in this regard.