Article 1:        Name

 1.1       The name of the Organisation shall be the National Arms and Ammunition Collectors’ Confederation of South Africa, which may be abbreviated to NAACCSA.

 Article 2:       Mission

 The mission of NAACCSA, a self-governing, autonomous and non-profit organisation is:

 2.1       To promote the collection, research, study, restoration, preservation and responsible recreational use of collectible arms and ammunition through the facilitation of sound relationships with all Stakeholders.

 2.2       To promote the collecting, research, study, restoration and preservation of related artifacts.

 2.3       To promote the appreciation and acceptance of such Collectors and Collecting amongst all Stakeholders, and to encourage responsible and ethical behaviour of its members in this regard.

 2.3.1    (In this regard “Stakeholders” shall include, but not be limited to, Private, Public and  Collectors of Arms, Ammunition , and related artifacts , and all Private, Public, and Government Bodies affecting (or potentially affecting) , affected by,  or interested in the Bone Fide collection of Arms , Ammunition and related artifacts.)

  Article 3:        Objectives

 3.1       To promote an appreciation amongst all Stakeholders of the value of collecting firearms, other weapons, and related artifacts, from a historic, cultural, heritage, technological, scientific, thematical, and investment perspective.

3.2       To promote understanding, acceptance, and sound relationships between collectors, and relevant government and non-government institutions.

3.3       To promote the formulation of balanced, practical and enduring legislation and regulation which protects and enhances the interests of collectors and collecting from a current and future National Heritage perspective.

3.4       To ensure the formulation and administration of good governance principles between Government Departments and NAACCSA, and between NAACCSA and its members.

3.5       To develop and maintain guidelines for use by its members, to the extent required by law.

3.6       To strive for consensus and an aligned approach amongst the various Collector Organisations and Associations at a National level.

3.7       To promote dialogue and alignment with other International Organisations with similar goals.

Article 4:        Membership

 Membership will be open to all Organisations, Associations or Bodies who have satisfied the ExCo (or a sub-committee established for that purpose) that they:

4.1       Desire to be, or is an Accredited Collectors Associations as described in Regulations 2 and 5 of the Firearms Control Act Regulations of 2004, or are an accredited Public orPrivateMuseum(Institutional Collector) as described in Regulation 3 and 6 of the Firearms Control Act Regulations of 2004.

4.2       Agree to be bound by the NAACCSA Constitution, Membership Accreditation Criteria for individual Collectors, and any other Statutory requirements, to the degree required in law, and approved by a NAACCSA majority decision from time to time.

4.3       Associate non-voting membership may be considered for Organisations who are not required to be accredited in terms of the Firearms Control Act , but who wish to join NAACCSA in terms of related interests e.g. Medal Collectors, and who are prepared to be bound by the relevant parts of this Constitution. Such Associate Members will be treated as “institutional collectors” in terms of Article 9.4.

4.5       NAACCSA, its members, and Office Bearers, may not be held liable by any other member for anything done in accordance with this Constitution.

4.6       Mechanism for revoking membership.  Should the actions of a member be deemed to be in contravention of the letter or spirit of this Constitution:

4.6.1    An ad hoc disciplinary committee will be established and the allegations put to the member organization concerned, who will be given the opportunity to answer the allegations.

4.6.2    The finding of the disciplinary committee will be referred to ExCo, who will confirm, refer back, or set aside the finding. The member may request that the matter be referred to a special AGM where it will be dealt with as a “material decision” as provided for in Article 8.

 4.7       Should membership be revoked the Director of the Central Firearms Register will be informed, together with the relevant details leading to the decision.

4.8       Note: Revoking of organisation membership will obviously affect the status of the organisation’s individual members. Those members will have to take steps to join an accredited Collector’s Organisation or Association as soon as possible to maintain their Collector Status.

Article 5:        Appointment and governance of the Executive Committee (ExCo)

 5.1       The ExCo of NAACCSA shall consist of a Chairman, a Vice Chairman, a Secretary/Treasurer plus a minimum of two additional members, and shall as far as is practically possible, be representative of NAACCSA’s members. Alternates may be appointed.  Suitably qualified persons may be co-opted to ExCo for specific purposes.

5.2       ExCo shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting for a two year term.

5.3       A majority of votes cast by the designated representatives of the Members present at the Annual or Special General Meeting, as outlined in Article 7.4, shall constitute an election.

5.4       A vacancy in the office of Chairman shall be filled by the Vice Chairman until such time as a General or Special Meeting can be called to elect a new Chairman.  Other vacancies on ExCo shall be filled by nominations by the ExCo for the remaining term.

5.5       The Secretary/Treasurer shall ensure the management of Governance issues, Correspondence, meeting records, and Funds.

5.6       ExCo shall appoint and dissolve such sub-committees as are, from time to time, deemed necessary by ExCo.

5.7       ExCo meeting Governance:

5.7.1    ExCo shall meet at least quarterly, or as often as is required to satisfactorily manage the day-to-day affairs of NAACCSA.

5.7.2    The majority of elected ExCo members shall constitute a quorum, but must include at least two of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Secretary/Treasurer.

 5.7.3    A consensus seeking approach will be followed, but decisions may be taken by a simple majority.

 Article 6:        Functions of the Executive Committee

 6.1         Ensure the development and implementation of detail actions and programs to further the Objectives of NAACCSA as set out in Article 2.

6.2         Nominate the Registered Office of NAACCSA (this will be the Saaaca Gauteng Office for the initial period).

6.3         Manage the day-to-day affairs of NAACCSA.

6.4       Maintain effective communication with stakeholders, and act as the communication channel between stakeholders, and NAACCSA members, except as otherwise allowed by law .

6.5       Manage the membership process for affiliation to NAACCSA.

6.6       Develop and maintain the following guidelines for use by its members:

6.6.1    Collectability Guidelines for Firearms (see Section 17(1)(a) of the FCA ) and the certification thereof.            

6.6.2    Classification guidelines for:

    • The evaluation and approval of new members as required in  Regulation 5(1)(a)
    • The categorisation of new and existing members as required in Regulation 5(1)(d)and 5(1)(e)
    • The change of Category of members as required in  Regulation 5(1)(f)

6.6.3    Guidelines for Accreditation of current and new members.  

 6.7       Ensure timeous and informed inputs are formulated and presented to Government regarding the preparation, or amendment of relevant Legislation and Regulation.

6.8       Act as an Advisor / Expert Body to Government on relevant matters concerning Collectors / Collections.

6.9       Ensure regular communication of developments around Legislation and Regulation to member Associations.

6.10     Recommend new member associations for accreditation.

6.11     Facilitate the timeous and accurate reporting of information required in terms of the Firearms Control Act Regulations.

6.12     Ensure the preparation of the necessary Governance and Financial reports and proposals for consideration at the AGM.

6.13     Take Legal action where required to protect the interests of NAACCSA and its members, other than High Court action.

Article 7:        General Meetings

7.1       The Annual General Meeting shall be held on such date, time and at such place as ExCo designates.  Notice of the meeting site, date and agenda shall be sent to Members at least four weeks before the meeting.

7.2       Special General Meetings shall be called byEXCOwhen called upon to do so by a 75% vote of the fully paid-up members under the rules of Article 7 Section 1.

7.3       Only fully paid-up members may vote at Annual or Special General Meetings.  Other members may attend.

7.4         Voting Principles

7.4.1    In order to achieve a balance between appropriate representation and protection of minority interests, a “Proportional Representation” approach will be followed.

7.4.2    In the case of Private Collector Bodies every member organisation will be able to exercise one vote for every one hundred members (or portion thereof), who are SAPS certificated Collectors in good standing, or are Cartridge Collectors with approved Permits, but not both.

7.4.3    In the case of Public Bodies, one vote per affiliated Institution.

7.4.4    A Schedule of Votingrights will be prepared and reviewed annually by the Secretary/Treasurer prior to the holding of the AGM.

 7.5       Material Decisions as defined in Article 8 may only be made by 75% of the votes of the fully paid-up members present at an Annual or Special General Meeting called under the rules in Article 7 Section 1.  Notice or motion to request a Material Decision must be given on the appropriate agenda. (note: In terms of the provisional voting rights schedule , it is anticipated that at least 6 of the affiliated member organisations will need to vote in favour of a Material Decision for it to be carried).

 Article 8:        Material Decisions

 8.1       Material Decisions requiring at least 75% of the votes of paid up members are:

 8.2         Changes to the Constitution.

 8.3          Changes to NAACCSA Membership Criteria.

 8.4         Termination of membership on appeal.

 8.5         Any Legal process involving NAACCSA in a High Court Action.

 8.6         The determination of NAACCSA’s Financial year.

 8.7         Dissolution of NAACCSA.

 8.8         Affiliation with any International Organisation referred to in Article 3.6.

 8.9         Approval of any Associate Members.  

Article 9:        Dues and Fees

9.1       NAACCSA is a non-profit organisation constituted for the benefit of its members and Stakeholders, and its Finances will be prepared and administered on a cost recovery basis.

9.2       Members will pay an Annual fee as determined by ExCo from time to time in accordance with Article 9.1, which is proportional to their number of individual certificated members, or deemed number of members (100) in the case of Institutional Collectors, (as described in Article 7.4).

9.3       New Members shall pay an additional one-time registration fee, as determined by ExCo from time to time.

9.4       Indicative Budgets will be prepared and presented at the Annual general Meeting for consideration.


20 June 2006