1.         Apply to Association for the necessary Categorisation into the appropriate Category ( C, B or A ) if you have not yet already done so .

 2.         Once you have your new Membership Certificate reflecting your Category , you can apply to the SAPS for your Competency Certificate in that Category ( don’t forget to endorse your application on the top of the form “Private Collector Category “X” , where “X” is A, B, or C ) . You will also need (certified) copies of your ID, and two colour passport photos, and to arrange the necessary background interviews with your spouse where appropriate , and two friends/ neighbours/ work colleagues – discuss this with your DFO .


3.         Apply for your licence renewals ( Get blank copies of the SAPS 517(e) and Annexure “A” so you can see what we are talking about , and you can plan your submission) –


4.         SAAACA Gauteng has run a couple of pilot tests with the co-operation of the DFO Gauteng, and the following process seems to work –


4.1          Get everything into a well organised and indexed file.


4.2          Ensure that you have Certified Copies of all the relevant documents (New and Old Membership Certificates, Bona Fide Certificates, ID, etc ). Some DFO’s like to see the originals as well, so take them along, but make sure you get them Back !


4.3          Develop a Schedule which must be endorsed by SAAACA which lists your firearms in their various approved Themes, and reflects the following information, which is aligned with the requirements of the SAPS 517(e) Renewal Application and its Annexure A


–           Your reference number for the firearm ( e.g. 1 to whatever )

–           Type of Arm – e.g. Revolver

–           Calibre – e.g. ,455

–           Make – e.g. Webley

–           Model – e.g. MkIV

–           Primary licence number – as per original licence

–           Original licence date – as per original licence  


4.4          Include a short motivation ( one or two lines) describing how the firearm fits into the Theme and it’s collectability attributes e.g. “ Webley MkIV in a series of Webleys Mk’s I to VI , with Cape South African Constabulary markings”


This applies only to Ordinary Firearms. Restricted or Prohibited firearms will require a more comprehensive motivation (one page), which is individually endorsed by SAAACA.


 4.5          For Association to endorse the Schedules , a confirmation of the observable details of the firearms is required, which can be arranged through a friendly Dealer or Gunsmith , SAAACA ExCo member, or somebody mutually agreed and delegated by Association to inspect the firearms .


4.6          It is recommended that the above Schedules be compiled into blocks not exceeding 25 firearms to reference conveniently to  the 25 spaces on the SAPS 517(e) .  It may also make sense to have one Schedule per Theme even if this is less than 25 firearms.


4.7          Fill in the requisite details on the SAPS 517(e) and the associated Annexure “A” ( one set of documents per firearm )


4.8          With a bit of planning it will be obvious that much of the detail can be entered once into a “Master” and thereafter photocopied.


4.9          We have agreed with the DFO (Gauteng) that Section 2 of the SAPS 517(e)   “Details of Firearm licences to be renewed” can be complied with by writing in “See attached Schedule page ‘x’ No ‘y’ “where ‘x’ is the page number of that Schedule in your submission, and  ‘y’ is your reference number for the firearm on the Schedule concerned.


4.10       Similarly for Annexure “A” Section C, this can be complied with by writing in the same reference i.e. “See Schedule etc”.


4.11     The Annexure “A” requires details of the Barrel, Frame, and Receiver Serial Numbers. If the firearm does not have the Serial number on the frame or the barrel, then write in “None” in the appropriate block. Do NOT repeat the Serial number in all three blocks where it does not exist on the firearm. Similarly for ‘Make’.


4.12     Licence correction applications can be submitted at the same time, and the corrected details should be included in the Renewal application. Simple corrections such as changing a  ,303 rifle  “Enfield” to “BSA” can be dealt with by showing the firearm to the DFO. More complex changes ( e.g. incorrect numbers or calibres) will require a Gunsmith’s Certificate – discuss your problems with your DFO to determine the best solution .


Prepared and approved by NAACCSA ExCo